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's Rollmaster™ literally floats heavy paper rolls, metal sheet colls and cable reels on a thin film of compressed air, helping paper processors and web printers save time, manpower and money. Our patented technology makes it possible for one person to easily maneuver heavy loads without the use of a forklift or floor track system. As little as one pound of push can move 1.000 pounds of weight, so one person can smoothly transport, rotate and precisely position even the largest and heaviest paper rolls, metal sheet colls and cable reels.

The Rollmaster™ uses standard shop air to instantly float and move heavy rolls in any direction. It is equipped with a fixed, full width handle, no load wheels, pressure regulator and on/off ball valve. An optional handle mounted air control is available. With the AeroGo Rollmaster™, you get easy, dependable, omnidirectional roll control without hazardous fumes and noise. AeroGo also manufactures a complete line of custom-engineered models for soft paper rolls and other roll moving applications.

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