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Laad Modul systeme

Load Modules and Load Module Systems utilize the efficiency of the air bearing to lift and move loads of any size, shape, or weight. Load Module Systems, one of AeroGo's most versatile products, are made up of four or more Load Modules. 

Positioned under any load shape, they provide lift and support wherever it's needed. With Load Module capacity ranging from 1/2 ton to 60 tons each, Load Modules are available to move anything that isn't anchored down. 

The Load Modules thin profile allows AeroGo's products to be easily inserted under most equipment, eliminating the need for a separate jacking system, as well as providing vertical lift when inflated. 

Unlike caster wheels, which resist changes in direction, Load Module Systems are truly omnidirectional, requiring no additional force to change direction.

Load Module Systems are lightweight and easily positioned under a load. Control Consoles provide individual pressure regulation to compensate for unequal load distribution. Because Load Modules float on a nearly frictionless film of air, loads can often be moved manually, without the need for tow vehicles or winches.

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