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Aeoro planks
Aero-Planks™ are designed for use with loads having minor variations in width but large variations in length. Set-up is easy and fast, requiring only one air hose connection.
Aero-Planks™ can be used in combinations of two or more to move long complex machines such as printing presses or mail sorting machinery. Using Aero-Planks™ avoids time consuming and costly work interruptions, and machine disassembly and reassembly.

Interconnect hoses allow for varying load lengths

Aero-Planks™ are available in varying lengths and widths to accommodate almost any load configuration.
Aero-Planks™ are frequently used in flexible manufacturing systems and assembly lines to replace cumbersome track, rail or in-floor conveyor systems. Aero-Planks™ offers unprecedented flexibility with omnidirectional movement and can free-up cranes and forklifts for other tasks. Uneven loads can be automatically adjusted using a single air pressure regulator in combination with built-in active flow controls.

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