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Aero Pallets
Aero-Pallets™ are designed to easily move and precisely position heavy loads on a nearly frictionless film of air, eliminating operator strain and damage to load or floor. Their flexibility is ideal for Lean-Flow manufacturing applications as well as production support and testing. Catalog models handle loads from 230kg (500 pounds) to 14 tons - and engineered solutions can address almost any load or configuration. Optional handles, throttle controls, and no-load wheels make it even easier to operate the Aero-Pallet™ loaded or unloaded. AeroGo products are reliable and virtually maintenance free - all you need is air.
You will move loads less expensively than the total operating cost of other load moving systems. Aero-Pallets™ replace or assist expensive rollers, overhead conveyors, cranes or forklifts, creating a better workspace for assembly personnel. Their omni-directional advantage allows individual assemblies to be moved in any direction in or out of the line - for testing, repairs or special steps. Aero-Pallets™ are available with fixed or automatic chocks for super-easy handling of round paper or steel rolls and are easily modified for deck tooling or lift tables. They are ideal in cleanrooms and hazardous or explosive environments because the only power required is compressed air.
Aero-pallets™ are easy to use... just connect the air, float and move your load where you need it.

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