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T-LOAD&move Platform Control System

T-LOAD&move is a lateral outreach control system with movement control and cage load control, developed for small and mid-sized platforms.

This system makes platform to work in allowed conditions preventing operator faults and providing safe use of platforms. By measuring the load in the cage, system allows the platform to work in different working diagrams like 100KG, 200KG or 300KG. In addition to this, system can read  analog/canbus joystick inputs and drive PWM proportional valves.

The manufacturers don’t need to use second valve driver units which also cost money.

T-LOAD&move features:

  • EN 13849-1 PLd and IEC 61508 approved main controllers.
  • Redundant length and angle sensor
  • Automatic working table selection
  • Cab collision control
  • Reading joystick inputs & driving PWM proportional valves
    • Movement start/stop ramps
    • LMI stop ramps
    • Rod end ramps
    • Speed reduction according to boom length, radius and load in the cage
  • T-LOAD&move system is compatible with bankable proportional/on-off valves
    (one proportional section for speed, four on/off sections for direction)
  • Optional 4,3’’ Color display IP67

Experience and references:

T-LOAD&move system is being used by Turkish Platform Lift Manufacturers since years. The system has proved itself on different machines and under different working conditions.

Different sensors and digital I/Os can be added for OEM customization