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T-STAB Outriggers Self Levelling System

T-STAB is an outrigger self-leveling system developed for mobile machineries which have 4 outriggers.

The system consists of one controller and one angle sensor double axis. The angle sensor and the controller communicate each other using our CAN-OPEN protocol.

Apart from self-levelling of the stabilizers, outrigger full open, full close and jacks are on the ground switches are wired into our controller and the controller drives outputs such as LEDs for the status of the jacks. The controller also reads analog/ digital inputs of the outrigger extension buttons/joysticks and drives the valves accordingly.

Rekarma has recently developed an outrigger HMI called “R-Console” which works perfectly with T-STAB. One machine needs 2 pcs of R-Console for the safety issues. The operator should control the outriggers which are in sight of view.

“R-Console” features:

  • 4 push buttons IP65 for controlling outrigger in/out, jacks down/up
  • 2 push buttons IP65 for outrigger selection front/rear
  • 1 push button IP65 illuminated, engine start/stop
  • 1 emergency button
  • LED Cross truck angle indicator
  • 1 push button IP65 for automatic self-levelling
  • 1 push button IP65 for manual levelling
  • 1 push button IP65 for “outriggers automatic close function”
  • RG (red-green) LEDs for outrigger and truck levelling status
  • LED indicator for outrigger lengths (If there are outrigger length transducers)

“T-STAB” features:

  • Automatic truck self-levelling
  • Manual levelling button
  • Controlling outrigger extension and jack valves
  • Easy to use
  • Can be integrated to OEM’s system easily

Experience and references:

T-STAB system is being used by Turkish Platform Lift Manufacturers since years. The system has proved itself on different machines and under different working conditions.

Different sensors and digital I/Os can be added for OEM customization.