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Yük Testleri

Proof Tests
Crane scales, dynamometers hook scales and hoist scales that are used for below hook weighing are often used also for proof test applications.
The proof tests include hoist and crane load testing as well as anchoring points proof testing:

>Anchoring points proof tests: For example anchoring points that anchor a helicopter to the ship's deck. These anchoring points must be strong enough to secure the helicopter even in extreme weather conditions.
>Lifting equipment proof tests: The below hook weighing devices are checked when they are new and also periodically in order to make sure that the devices meet their safety factors and specifications.
The crane load test and proof test verify that the device or structure complies with its specification and safety requirements. The proof tests help to prevent a failure of the device or structure as such a failure might result in an accident.
Therefore, the crane load test and proof test check the objects under more stringent conditions than normal. Ron crane scales, dynamometers, hook scales and hoist scales are especially suitable for crane and hoist load testing and proof tests thanks to their following features:
>All the Ron crane scale, hoist scale, dynamometer and hook scale series have a peak hold function that shows the highest measurement recorded.
>All the Ron crane, hoist and hook scale series are light in weight thus providing portability for convenient use in site tests.
>All Ron systems provide minimum headroom loss which is important for indoor applications.