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Shipment Weighing

Anytime a shipment is sent out our received there is an intrinsic need for weight measurement. Ron crane scales and dynamometers allow manufacturers to take the process of loading/unloading and turn it into an opportunity for detailed weight measurement and logging, helping to stream-line the shipping/receiving process. Industrial crane scales for below hook weighing help manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs and improve efficiency. The use of a load monitoring system can also help prevent dangerous overloads, protecting your staff and equipment.

 The Ron crane scale, dynamometer and load cell series for industrial weighing provide ideal solutions for shipment weighing applications. The following special features of Ron crane scales and dynamometers are ideal for industrial shipment weighing: 

RS-232: for communication with printers and computers, helps to obtain a weight report in real time and helps to facilitate advanced stock management.  

Data logger: Enables logging of all the measurement values and printing them at a later stage.  

Totalizer: Enables calculation of the accumulated loads. 

Additional wired or wireless displays in various sizes.