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Çoklu Nokta İzleme

Multi-Point Monitoring
In Advanced Logistics and Stock Management Systems, it is desirable for the System to receive real time indication of each Sites Resource Capacity Utilization, to automate the routing of transportation fleets to either remove stored material and/or provision new material in a timely and efficacious manner. 
This real time information of hundreds of check points, shown on real time load map, and the information can be viewed on a control room as well as web server based Smartphones and tablets. 
The net effect of this is a dramatic reduction in the enterprises costs due to avoidance of spoilage, slack time, and poorly scheduled and routed transpiration runs.
Examples would include emptying underground garbage bins, filling silos, provisioning ice, etc.
Ron Crane Scales and Load Cells, can monitor these real time Capacity Utilizations, and transmit these signals to an Automated Management System. Our load cells support all industrial electronic communication standards, such as RS-232, RS-485, & USB to facilitate this. 
Ron StageMaster Load Cells enable thousands of hours of battery life for projects that do not enable connection to the mains.