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Weighing in Foundries 

Foundries and other high temperature environments where casting and forging activities take place have a basic need for a load monitoring systems that can withstand the extreme temperatures. For this application we recommend the Ron 2501 Wireless Crane Scale. Designed for environments where a cable connection is not the feasible, the Ron 2501 is the perfect solution for any foundry looking for a reliable load monitoring system.

The use of a load monitoring system allows a foundry to carefully control the addition of "small additives" preventing waste and giving the foundry greater control over the composition of their metal.

Using a wireless crane scale in a foundry not only helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but it also increases safety as it helps to prevent dangerous overloads.  

Foundry use requires special features in order to protect the system and ensure long term reliability:

-High Quality Thermal Fabric Heat Shield (JuTec JT650G1) provides protection for continuous use temperatures of 500ºC (940ºF) and can withstand brief exposures to 600ºC (1150ºF)

-Protective steel plate heat shield provides shade to the load cell and protects it from radiant heat

-Internal Thermometer - Transmits the internal temperature of the load cell to the indicator, helping to prevent overheating (Max 80ºC/175ºF)   

The most demanding task our systems can undetake, in terms of heat is exposure, is weighing ladles of molten metal. 

Molten steel, in particular, can be extremely demanding. With temperatures exceeding 1000ºC (1800ºF) and a great deal of direct heat exposure, wired load monitoring have little chance of survival. For this reason we recommend wireless load monitoring systems for foundry applications.