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Akülü İstifleyiciler-ES 4000

ES 4000 Stacker Series


Pallet Stacker

1200, 1400 and 1600 kg Capacity

A robust and powerful stacker

Engineered for durability and power, the ES 4000 stackers prove their value with exceptionally long life. If you have limited space and travel requirements, this compact pallet stacker series offers excellent manoeuvrability and visibility. Precise proportional lift and lower functions optimise load handling at heights to 5.4 metres. Responsive traction control, a centre-mounted tiller, the narrow chassis and optional electronic steering simplify manoeuvring the stacker in tight spaces. The particularly quiet operation of the ES 4000 pallet stacker benefits retailers transporting products from the storage area to the sales floor.

ES 4000 Stacker Series –
Features & Benefits


Electrical System

24 volt electrical system with nominal battery capacities from 250 Ah to 375 Ah.

Virtually maintenance free 3-phase (AC) traction motor provides strong acceleration and control at any speed.

Crown's Access 1 2 3® technology provides optimum performance and control through intelligent coordination of all stacker systems.

The display provides a convenient interface for operators, keeping them informed of any changes impacting the performance of the pallet stacker and allowing them to choose from three performance profiles when enabled.

Performance tuning can be accessed at the display to customise stacker performance for specific applications or operator requirements. Up to 25 PIN codes can be assigned to individual operators and matched to one of the pre-programmed performance profiles if desired.

Crown's exclusive e-GEN® braking system uses the power of the high-torque AC traction motor to stop the stacker and keep it static until a travel input is requested, even when operating on an incline.

This system virtually eliminates adjustments and wear points for a lifetime of maintenance free use.

An automatic parking brake activates if the stacker is stopped or power is disconnected.

Control Handle
The X10® control handle features proportional lift and lowering for precise pallet positioning with the stacker. An ergonomic forward / reverse thumb wheel allows for precise manoeuvring. The hand grips are urethane covered for insulation from cold and vibration with integrated horn buttons for easy activation. A rabbit / turtle switch incorporates two levels of programmable travel performance so operators can select the setting that matches their experience level or application requirements.

Centre-mounted X10® handle combined with four-point wheel configuration reduces steering effort.

Optional electronic power steering improves manoeuvrability and responsiveness of the stacker, even with heavy loads.

Load positioning
Electronically controlled proportional hydraulics deliver fast lift and lower speeds and pinpoint positioning of loads. This makes the ES 4000 stacker ideal for applications where the fork pocket is only a few milimetres larger than the fork itself.

The rugged power unit of the stacker series features a reinforced 8 mm thick steel skirt protecting drive unit and castor components. 3 mm steel covers ensure internal components are protected against impacts.

A wide stability quadrangle provides the foundation for the significant stability advantage.

ES 4000 Stacker Series –
Options / Accessories


Options / Accessories – ES 4000 Pallet Stacker

A number of options and Work Assist™ accessories are available for the ES 4000 Stacker Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown stackers to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


  §  Electronic steering with 3-phase (AC) motor

  §  Battery roll-out

  §  On-board charger (lift out only)

  §  Fork length and spread options

  §  Load backrest

  §  Metal mast grill

  §  Freezer conditioning for operating
temperatures of –30°C

  §  InfoLink® Fleet Management System


Work Assist™ Accessories:

  §  Storage pockets

  §  Scan gun holder

  §  Medium and large clipboards

For more information on the options and accessories available for the ES 4000 stacker, please contact your Crown Distributor or download the product spec sheet for a listing in the technical information section.