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Overload Prevention
Overload Prevention

Anytime a load is lifted, the potential for overload is present. Accurate measurement of the load is critical to preventing dangerous overloads. Constant load monitoring provides an additional layer of protection to exisiting safety protocols and can protect you from overloads that may occur even when the load is known.

There are few scenarios where catastrophic overloads can occur, even when the load is known: 

  • Attempting to lift equipment which has not been separated from its anchor points
  • Lack of communication between staff members responsible for lifting.
  • Addition of equipment after the load has been calculated  and approved
  • Off-center loading. 

Uneven distribution in a multiple lifting point scenario. 

Even if the total load does not exceed the total Safe Working Load of all the lifting points together, some of the lifting points may carry less load while others are overloaded.


An overloaded crane can lead to very dangerous and expensive accidents. Ron Crane Scales can help to control overload and prevent it.