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Controlled Cable Tension
Controlled Cable Tensioning

A tension test for measuring cable tension in overhead electricity and communication lines is very important because of environmental influences that often affect the cable length. Changes in cable length obviously alter cable tension and may eventually lead to cable failure. 

A cable pull test enables controlled cable tensioning that actually solves the problem. A wire pull test which enables the optimal cable tension to be reached is also very important in suspension bridges and other structures that are stabilized and supported by steel cables and guy wire ropes.

In these applications the wire tension test and optimal tensioning are important for stabilization of the structures. 

There are several important features that make the tension and pull scale especially suitable for cable or wire tension testing.The Ron dynamometer scale and load cell series are especially suitable for wire and cable pull test applications:  

The Ron dynamometer scale, load cell, and overload detector series are very lightweight and therefore portable.
They are available in small carrying cases, have disposable batteries for 2000 hours use and are convenient for working on-site.

This special feature enables the Ron dynamometer scales and load cells to enjoy a significant advantage in the portable use market segment for all those applications that involve frequent carrying of systems, working on-site, etc., and especially in the tensile test applications segment.

For example, electricity companies worldwide use Ron dynamometers for cable and wire tension testing as the lightweight systems enable electricity poles to be climbed easily and safely.

The same need to reach optimal cable tension also exists in other applications where optimal tensioning is important for stabilization of structures. 

For example: Suspension bridges and structures that are stabilized and supported by guy wires.


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