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Product Brand: Penny & Giles

The JC1210 builds on the success of the JC1200 and incorporates the same robust design with exceptional life and now offers the option of overpress and latch features at the ends of travel. 

  • Robust design for arduous applications
  • Options for Overpress and Latch at ends of travel
  • Soft Touch sections of the ‘Tab’
  • Under-panel depth minimized to 9 mm – Molex connector
  • Three electrical termination options
  • Rated for 5 million cycles up to start of overpress
  • Hall-effect sensor technology
  • Dual outputs with sense and voltage span options
  • IP67 sealing above panel
  • Two mounting panel fixing options in the one body design
  • Color-coded ‘Tab’ options
This new joystick utilizes non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology for long-life integrity of the output signal. Operating feel has been an important part of this new development to make this unit as smooth and easy to operate as possible throughout a 5 million cycle-life to the start of overpress.

Hall-effect sensing eliminates contact wear and provides safety functionality via dual outputs, which can be set to positive or negative ramps, or a combination of both. Electronic robustness is assured with sealing of the internal PCB to a rating of IP67, while a joystick to panel rating of IP67 can be achieved.

The joystick is available with Overpress and Latch options at the ends of travel, which can be combined to meet your system needs to hold functions at full speed/float.

There are three options for electrical termination – integrated Molex connector, flying lead with Molex connector or header pins.

A soft-touch colored insert area of the paddle – which has a choice of nine colors – increases operator comfort and decreases the likelihood of finger-slip during operation.

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