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ESR 5000 Reach Truck

Reach Truck

1400, 1600 and 2000 kg. Capacity

Advanced Technology

Crown's innovative approach to the fine tuning and control of advanced AC systems sets the ESR 4500 Series apart from the competition. It delivers the optimum combination of fastest acceleration and response, best lift/lower cycle times and the lowest energy consumption - together with operator comfort and safety, precise control and reliability. All of these add up to superior performance... for the reach truck, the operator and your bottom line.

ESR 5000 Series / Features & Benefits

Electrical System

Features a 48-volt electrical system and a choice of battery sizes to match any application. Nominal capacities from 420 Ah to 840 Ah. Batteries are self-extracting and compatible with existing battery transfer stations.

All truck systems are managed by Crown's exclusive Access 123™ Comprehensive System Control to optimize system performance in response to changing conditions. Built-in programmability and diagnostics eliminates the need for a laptop or handset.

Drive Unit/Drive Motor

Helical gear drive unit provides quiet, smooth operation and extended service life. The large Vulkollan drive tire is designed for high load capacity and long service intervals.

The powerful AC traction motor provides high torque and fast acceleration. The AC hydraulic motor delivers precise control for pallet placement and fast lift speeds. Both are designed for energy efficiency and low maintenance.


The modular design provides a choice of three control configurations featuring:

- fingertip operation,

- dual lever or

- multi-task.


360 Select™ steering system with programmable control allows the operator to choose between 180° and 360° steer tire rotation to match driving conditions, skill level or personal preference. The system can be locked in either mode with password-protected access.

Steering column is infinitely adjustable for the most comfortable operating position.


The patented offset mast provides a wider visibility window to the fork tips and outriggers.

The clear-view mast design and patented overhead guard minimizes obstructed views during driving and lifting operations.

The panoramic view fork carriage features an integrated sideshift and tilt.

Mast & Reach Carriage

Crown's patented mast design and robust construction minimizes static and dynamic deflection for accurate placement of goods at height. The heavy gauge, box-construction reach carriage has 10 roller bearings for a solid feel and smooth, precise movement.


All-wheel braking is standard for all load capacities to provide superb control and confidence, particularly when placing load at heights.

Automotive type accelerator and brake pedals.

Operator Safety & Comfort

The ESR 5000 is loaded with features that make the most of the operator's time. A wide, adjustable suspension seat with lumbar support provides all-day comfort. Your choice of three different control designs are built into the armrest for consistent positioning regardless of seat adjustment. Useful details such as clipboards, drink holders, trash bin, reading lights and more allow you to customize the workspace to suit specific needs.

The ESR 5000S provides an optimized work environment that positions the operators for precise control, better visibility, reduced fatigue and easier access to tools. The cabin features a larger work space, 30% more leg room and the new rotating MoveSeat™ with headrest and FlexBack™ for all-day comfort.


The ESR 5000 Series is designed to allow direct access to critical components without removing other components.

Access 1 2 3 technology includes a complete built-in diagnostic capability which allows service engineers to activate suspect components and test their full functionality, all through the display.

The Crown display is used for easy trouble shooting, accessing service history and setting performance features. There is no laptop with specific software or service handset required for troubleshooting or parameter adjustments.

     ESR 5000 - FEATURES


ESR 5000 Series / Options & Accessories

A number of options and Work Assist™ accessories are available for the ESR 5000 Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown reach trucks to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


• High Level Performance Package

     • Integrated lift height and

       load weight indicator

     • Rack height select

     • Free lift indicator

     • Tilt position assist

     • Capacity data monitor

• Mast or fork mounted color camera system

• Drive-in rack overhead guard

• Hydraulic controls

     • Multi-function

     • Dual lever

     • Fingertip

Work Assist Accessories™

• Reading lights

• Trash bin

• Scan gun holder

• Drink holder

• Adjustable arm for data monitors

For more information on the options and accessories available for this product, please contact your Crown Distributor or download the product spec sheet for a listing in the technical information section.


ESR 5000 Series / Spec  Sheet  

Please click the link below to download the spec sheet for this product.

     ESR 5000 - SPEC. SHEET