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ESR 5000 Reach Truck with Cold Store Cabin

Reach Truck with Cold Store Cabin

1400, 1600 and 2000 kg. Capacity

Productivity at -30ºC

The operator remains the central consideration in the development of the ESR 4500 Cabin Model. The result is a reach truck that balances operator comfort and visibility with the ability to work productively in a cold storage environment at temperatures to -30ºC for extended periods.

ESR 5000 Cabin / Features & Benefits

Cold Conditioning

The ESR 5000 is specially treated for protection in harsh environments. Chassis weld seams and studs are coated with a special wax-based corrosion preventative compound. Silicon sealer is applied to all exposed electrical connections and critical switching components are equipped with thermostatically controlled heaters. The motor compartment receives an additional layer of paint and a heavy coat of clear varnish to protect steel components. Specially formulated hydraulic oil and lubricants are used for optimal truck performance in temperatures to -30°C.

 Cabin Structure

The rugged cabin structure features special profiled steel tubing, an extended roof with emergency escape hatch, reinforced steel door and lower collision guard to protect the operator and your investment.


All-around visibility is enhanced by large heated windows, front, top and rear wipers, an angled roof design and a unique third corner window. The special contoured front window enhances downward visibility to the forks and load wheels. There's even a reading light to assist the operator in dimly lit areas.


A comfortable environment allows workers to work more efficiently and for longer periods. The Cold Store Cabin features electronic control of the dual, thermostatically controlled heaters and fans. Five adjustable air vents ensure balanced comfort from head to toe.


The spacious interior features a wide, weight-adjustable seat with adjustable lumbar support and integrated armrest for improved comfort and control. 

Only the ESR 5000 offers you the choice of multi-function, dual lever or fingertip hydraulic controls.

     ESR 5000 - FEATURES

ESR 5000 Cabin /Options & Accessories

ESR 5000 Series Cold Store Cabin

A number of options and Work Assist™ accessories are available for the ESR 5000 Series with Cold Store Cabin. All are carefully integrated into Crown reach trucks to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


• Mast or fork mounted color camera system

• Work lights (2 rear or 1 front & 1 rear)

• Flashing beacon

• Intercom system

• Laminated safety glass or polycarbonate    windows

For more information on the options and accessories available for this product, please contact your Crown Distributor.