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WS 2300S Series-Pedestrian Straddle Stacker with Folding Platform

WS 2300S Series

Pedestrian Straddle Stacker with Folding Platform

1400 kg Capacity

Operator Productivity for the Long Haul

The WS 2300S Model straddle stackers with folding platform combines the flexibility of a pedestrian stacker with the operational benefits of a rider version for more intensive applications. Designed for use with closed-bottom pallets and containers, they also feature the unique X10® handle which simplifies control, thereby boosting operator safety and productivity.


WS 2300S Series / Features & Benefits

Control Handle
The award-winning X10® handle simplifies control, thereby boosting operator safety and productivity. Tactile and visual differentiation of controls provides a natural, more efficient interface for left- and right-hand operation.                

A 24-volt electrical system.                  

Drive Unit
The quiet, heavy-duty drive motor is fixed-mounted to the under-carriage, preventing motor and brake cables from twisting during steering.           

Fork Assembly
Adjustable ISO-forks manage a variety of handling jobs, from pallets and skids to wire baskets.   

Load Wheels
A 'debris guard' is built into the load and caster wheel assemblies to help prevent debris such as stretch wrap, plastic strapping and packing tape, from building up around the axle, which could cause component failure.           

Drive Tire
Vulkollan drive tire provides excellent grip, enhancing acceleration and brake performance.         

Center-mounted X10® handle combined with four-point wheel configuration reduces steering effort.

Short headlength results in ultimate maneuverability.                 

A wide stability quadrangle provides the foundation for the significant stability advantage over stackers with a narrower width.

A low center of gravity, provided by a low power unit height of only 750 mm, further enhances stability.

Regenerative and frictionless motor braking system is applied when the forward / reverse thumbwheel is returned to neutral.                      

A clear view mast and the lowest profile power unit of any truck in its class allow operators increased visibility of the forks and outriggers, enhancing safety and reducing load damage.            

The unique X10® thumbwheel design allows forward and reverse travel speed to be infinitely controlled with either hand.

The rabbit / turtle switch incorporates two levels of programmable travel performance to match operator experience and application environment.

The spring-suspended, fold-down operator platform combined with foldout side restraints allows for faster travel in long aisles or open spaces. For congested areas, it easily converts to a pedestrian mode with reduced speed when the platform is up.

Operator Safety & Comfort
Crown's heavy-duty, nested I-beam rails combined with thick, steel cross bars and angularly positioned mast rollers decrease mast deflection and load sway.

The spring-loaded, fold-down platform incorporates a non-slip rubber mat and heavy-duty, cushioned side restraints giving the operator a solid and stable working environment.

Soft, contoured hip pads enhance operator stability in turns and add comfort by reducing pressure points.

A high level of serviceability simplifies maintenance and prolongs equipment life.

Easy access battery compartment simplifies battery maintenance.

Service and parts manual recognized in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.   

WS 2300S Series / Options & Accessories

A number of options are available for the WS 2300S Model. All are carefully designed by Crown to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


• Battery discharge indicator with lift lock-out and integrated hour meter
• Industrial battery 230 Ah with integrated charger
• Maintenance-free battery 192 Ah with integrated charger
• Battery compartment rollers
• Load backrest
• Metal mast grill
• Freezer conditioning for operating temperatures of -30°C
• Sideshift
• Additional mast hydraulics - single hydraulic function