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WF 3000 Series-Pedestrian Stacker

Pedestrian Stacker
1000 and 1200 kg. Capacity

Compact And Built For Long-term Performance

The WF 3000 Series was engineered to deliver the same level of durability, reliability and ease of use as our largest heavy-duty stackers and is backed with a lifetime chassis warranty. The compact size is ideally suited for congested workspaces with loads up to 1200 kg. The fork-over design efficiently handles Euro pallets and other open-bottom containers. The four-point suspension ensures stability while handling loads. The innovative X10™ handle and SEM traction system deliver precision control.

WF 3000 Series / Features & Benefits  

Control Handle

The award-winning X10® handle is designed to allow for a short turning radius with low steering effort. All control buttons can be operated with either hand and accessed with minimum hand and wrist movement. The horn buttons are integrated in the hand grips. An ergonomic forward / reverse thumbwheel allows for precise maneuvering.

Depending on conditions and operator experience, maximum travel speed can be regulated via the rabbit / turtle switch. Exclusive automatic Brake Override allows slow-speed travel with the handle near vertical. This feature improves maneuverability in tight areas.


A 24-volt electrical system with powered lift and SEM travel control.

Battery options up to 180 Ah with integrated solid-state 30 Amp battery charger and retractable power cord.

Drive Unit & Brakes

The drive unit is designed to provide a lifetime of reliable use in the toughest applications. In fact, it's engineered for use on our heavy-duty pallet trucks with double the load capacity.

The drive unit mounts in the truck chassis with tapered roller bearings that disperse load forces evenly, reducing maintenance and downtime.

The drive unit is equipped with an electromagnetic disc brake that is spring applied and electrically released. The brake is activated by the control handle position. Brake rotor and disc are easily accessed for inspection and replacement. Regenerative motor braking assists brake effort and improves component life.

Exclusive automatic Brake Override feature allows travel (creep speed) with the control handle in a nearly vertical position.

Fork Assembly

Fork-over design: Forks nest directly over the outriggers to manage a variety of handling jobs from Euro pallets and skids to wire baskets where base boards are not present on entry side.                   

Load Wheels

A 'debris guard' is built into the load and caster wheel assemblies to help prevent debris such as stretch wrap, plastic strapping and packing tape, from building up around the axle, which could cause component failure.                   


The center-mounted tiller positions the operator at a safe distance from the power unit during both right and left hand turns and provides better maneuverability and visibility.                          


The durable one-piece chassis has been proven in extensive endurance and application testing and is backed by a lifetime warranty.                          


The sloped, low profile power unit and clear mast design provide the best fork tip visibility available; typically 50% of the total fork length.

Load positioning is enhanced through the use of a center-mounted tiller that improves visibility on both sides of the load thereby reducing handling errors and damage.

Orange fork tip indicators are positioned on the top and bottom of the forks to assist pallet entry.


The unique X10® thumbwheel design allows forward and reverse travel speed to be infinitely controlled with either hand.

The rabbit / turtle switch incorporates two levels of programmable travel performance to match operator experience and application environment.

Operator Safety & Comfort

Safety is foremost with a center-mounted tiller that positions the operator at a constant distance from the power unit during both right and left hand turns. The award-winning X10® handle includes features such as a programmable rabbit / turtle switch and an auto-reverse switch which operates in any handle position.                      


The WF 3000 Series is designed and tested to last for years in the toughest applications with minimum routine maintenance. When required, the protective steel covers are removed easily to allow access to all system components and service points.

Service and parts manual recognized in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.


WF 3000 Series / Options/Accessories

A number of options and Work Assist™ accessories are available for the WF 3000 Series. All are carefully designed by Crown to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


• Tandem load wheels

• Freezer conditioning for operating temperatures of -30ºC

• Wet and maintenance free battery options up to 180 Ah

• Load backrest

• Work Assist™ accessories:

        • Remote raise & lower control

        • Clip pad and hook

        • Storage pockets

Download the product spec sheet (pdf) for a more complete listing of Options and Accessories in the technical information section.


WF 3000 Series / Spec. Sheet  

Please click the link below to download the spec sheet for this product.