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WI 2300 Model-Pedestrian Stacker with Initial Lift

WI 2300 Model

Pedestrian Stacker with Initial Lift

1600 / 2000 kg Capacity

Versatility Meets Stability

The new WI 2300 is a multi-purpose stacker offering unmatched flexiblity and versatility for efficient pallet handling in the widest range of applications. It can be used as a pallet truck for transporting up to 2000 kg as well as a stacker or even as a double-stacker for loads of up to 1600 kg. The 120 mm initial lift system increases ground clearance for maximum maneuvrablility when driving on uneven floors or dock boards.  At the same time a four-point wheel configuration provides maximum stability, increasing operator confidence. In addition, the unique X10® handle simplifies control, thereby boosting operator safety and productivity.

WI 2300 Model / Features & Benefits

Control Handle
The award-winning X10® handle simplifies control, thereby boosting operator safety and productivity. Tactile and visual differentiation of controls provides a natural, more efficient interface for left- and right-hand operation.                

A 24-volt electrical system.                  

Drive Unit
The quiet, heavy-duty drive motor is fixed-mounted to the under-carriage, preventing motor and brake cables from twisting during steering.           

Fork Assembly
Fork-over design: Forks nest directly over the outriggers to manage a variety of handling jobs from Euro pallets and skids to wire baskets where base boards are not present on the entry side.

Due to the heavy-duty design of the initial lift linkage loads of up to 2000 kg can easily be handled when the forks rest on the outriggers.

The initial lift provides increased ground clearance for maximum maneuvrability on uneven floors or dock boards.

Load Wheels
A 'debris guard' is built into the load and caster wheel assemblies to help prevent debris such as stretch wrap, plastic strapping and packing tape, from building up around the axle, which could cause component failure.           

Drive Tire
Vulkollan drive tire provides excellent grip, enhancing acceleration and brake performance.         

Center-mounted X10® handle combined with four-point wheel configuration reduces steering effort.

Short headlength results in ultimate maneuverability.                 

A wide stability quadrangle provides the foundation for the significant stability advantage over stackers with a narrower width.

A low center of gravity, provided by a low power unit height, further enhances stability.

Exclusive automatic Brake Override feature allows travel (creep speed) with the control handle in a nearly vertical position while staying within the geometry of the truck.

A clear view mast and a low profile power unit allow operators increased visibility of the forks and outriggers, enhancing safety and reducing load damage.                  

The unique X10® thumbwheel design allows forward and reverse travel speed to be infinitely controlled with either hand.

The rabbit / turtle switch incorporates two levels of programmable travel performance to match operator experience and application environment.

Operator Safety & Comfort
Crown's heavy-duty, nested I-beam rails combined with thick, steel cross bars and angularly positioned mast rollers decrease mast deflection and load sway.             

A high level of serviceability simplifies maintenance and prolongs equipment life.

Easy access battery compartment simplifies battery maintenance.

WI 2300 Model / Options & Accessories

A number of options and accessories are available for the WI 2300 Model. All are carefully integrated into Crown pedestrian stackers to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


• Load backrest

• Metal mast grill

• 375 Ah Industrial battery with watering system

• Hand held diagnostic set for performance adjustment and truck diagnostic

• DIN 160A battery connector