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 Sit-Down Counterbalanced Trucks
FC 4500 Series
RC 5500 Series
SC 6000 Series
 Sit-Down Counterbalanced Trucks
FC 4500 Series
RC 5500 Series
SC 6000 Series
SC 6000 Series

SC 6000 Series

3 & 4 Wheel Counterbalance Forklift
1300, 1600, 1800 and 2000 kg Capacity

The Ultimate Utility Player
Whether you're in manufacturing, wholesale, retail or transportation, these multipurpose workhorses give you the power, manoeuvrability, and dependability to do whatever you need to, year after year.

The SC 6000 forklift series employs integrated technologies that optimise performance, energy consumption and uptime. Features include on-board diagnostics, Crown-built motors, electronic braking, cornering speed control and a choice of hydraulic control levers.

A 48-volt electrical system with battery capacities from 330 Ah to 750 Ah.

The optional Battery Transfer System (BTS) can support multiple forklift trucks and offers an easy and secure method to exchange batteries in just a few minutes.

Drive Unit & Steer Axle
Tough drive units and powerful motors are designed and manufactured by Crown specifically for the needs of counterbalance forklift trucks.

The steer axle is a no-compromise design featuring a heavy-duty cast iron body, sealed rack-and-pinion gears, heavy-duty tapered roller bearings and large, 380 mm diameter dual steer wheels.

Chassis configuration is designed to provide maximum capacity at elevated heights without compromising right-angle stack.

The heavy-duty chassis is designed for top or side battery extraction.

The variable regenerative e-GEN® Braking System virtually eliminates maintenance associated with mechanical brakes.

Operators experience consistent braking perfomance for the life of the truck.

An automatic parking brake activates when the operator leaves the seat, a travel input has not been requested or battery power has been disconnected.

Intrinsic Stability System™
Every detail of the SC 6000 counterbalance forklift is designed from the ground up to ensure the highest level of stability. Built-in measures designed to provide the operator with confidence includes:

§  Extra strong chassis

§  Interlocking I-beam mast

§  Massive counterweight exceeding industry standard

§  Ramp speed control and ramp hold

§  Hydraulic speed control

§  Travel speed control

§  Cornering speed control

§  Tilt speed control

Driving Performance
The AC traction system delivers 16 km/h top speed. Powerful Crown motors provide the torque for demanding applications such as handling heavy loads on ramps.

Three performance levels can be selected to accommodate application requirements or operator skill level.

Steering Control
Cornering Speed Control is a feature that automatically adjusts travel speed during turns based on the weight on the forks, the angle of the turn, and the speed of the forklift truck.

A narrow offset and infinitely adjustable tilt steering column and steering wheel with spinner knob allow better positioning and comfort.

Operator Comfort & Performance
A choice of hydraulic control levers that are easy to reach, identify and activate:


§  fingertip control levers


§  dual lever controls


§  manual control levers

and numerous design features improve operator comfort and productivity:


§  weight-adjustable suspension seat with lumbar support

§  infinitely adjustable steering column

§  low step and tilt steering column facilitate entry/exit

§  overhead guard shaped to open up the entry/exit window

§  large, unobstructed floorboard

A clear view mast and low-profile dashboard allow operators to clearly see the forks with their forktip indicators.

"Waterfall" design overhead guard increases strength and protection without sacrificing visibility when handling loads at height.

Crown's Access 1 2 3® technology provides on-board diagnostics, complemented by the InfoPoint™ System which significantly reduces maintenance costs related to troubleshooting and downtime.

Access 1 2 3 technology allows a technician to pinpoint problems, test components, and quickly solve the problem.

InfoPoint provides component maps that make it easy to locate and identify components throughout the forklift.

A number of options and Work Assist™ Accessories are available for the SC 6000 Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown sit-down counterbalance forklift trucks to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


§  TL, TF, TT and quad mast styles

§  Choice of hydraulic control levers

§  Load backrest

§  Auxiliary mast hydraulics

§  Hook-on or integrated sideshift

§  Freezer and corrosion conditioning


Battery Systems:

§  Various battery compartment sizes can accommodate batteries from 330 to 750 Ah

§  Battery rollers for side extraction

§  Battery Transfer System (BTS) for fast and safe battery exchange


Work Assist™ Accessories:

§  Work light packages

§  Clip pad and hook

§  Rear view mirror

For more information on the options and accessories available for this product, please contact Rekarma Crown Team or download the product spec sheet for a listing in the technical information section.