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 Sit-Down Counterbalanced Trucks
FC 4500 Series
RC 5500 Series
SC 6000 Series
 Sit-Down Counterbalanced Trucks
FC 4500 Series
RC 5500 Series
SC 6000 Series
FC 4500 Series

Wheel Sit-Down Counterbalanced Truck

2000, 2500 and 3000 kg Capacity

One smart, tough lift truck.

Counterbalanced lift trucks face some of the most demanding material handling tasks. That's why the Crown FC 4500 Series is engineered and manufactured to deliver reliable performance long after others begin to fail. It's the result of the strongest, most durable frame, power train, brakes and masts in the industry. The FC 4500 Series is the smart choice for the toughest tasks, with the power and control necessary for handling heavy-duty loads in fast-paced applications.

FC 4500 Series / Features & Benefits

A 48-volt power system.

Drive Unit/Drive Motor

Crown's transverse design drive unit with in-line gears has proven durability.

An impressive 11.6 KW AC traction motor supplies ample power, without strain, even in the toughest applications.


An infinitely adjustable tilt steering wheel column allows better positioning and comfort.

Steering column is offset to the left for proper positioning of left-hand steering.

The steering column is only 100 mm wide, improving visibility, and is sculpted to allow more knee room.

Chassis configuration designed to provide maximum capacity at elevated heights without compromising right-angle stack.

Crown's unique full-circle power disc brakes, featuring large friction areas, improved responsiveness and extended brake pad life.


A clear view mast and low-profile chassis allow operators to clearly see the forktips, enabling high visibility for improved safety and reduced damage.

"Waterfall" design overhead guard increases strength and visibility when high-stacking.

Three performance levels can be selected to match application requirements or operator skill level, and can be tuned to individual requirements.

Operator Safety & Comfort
Crown's Intrinsic Stability System is designed to minimise the causes of unstable conditions. The Intrinsic Stability System includes:

- System controlled hydraulic speeds
- Travel speed control
- Lift/Tilt interlock
- Stability-enhanced counterweight
- Ramp speed control
- Every operator touchpoint is designed for maximum comfort and productivity.


Access 1 2 3™ technology allows a service engineer to pinpoint problems, test components, and quickly determine the problem.

InfoPoint provides component maps that make it easy to locate and identify components throughout the truck. Further it explains what it is, where it is, and what it does for fast troubleshooting and reduced downtime.


A distribution panel is conveniently located with all test points, control fuses and central wiring for easy troubleshooting.

FC 4500 Series / Options & Accessories

A number of options are available for the FC 4500 Series. All are carefully designed by Crown to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


• Choice of tires
• Various seat options
• Accessory hydraulic functions
• Various hook-on attachments
• Load backrest
• Corrosion or freezer conditioning
• Light Packages

For more information on the options and accessories available for this product, please contact your Crown Distributor or download the product spec sheet for a listing in the technical information section.