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MPC10 Diesel Engine Panel

From plug-and-play to fully configurable control, our Murphy PowerCore Controller lineup is flexible for a wide range of engines and applications. 

Looking for auto start or manual start? Various throttling options? Mechanical or electronic engine control? 

Our rugged IP67 rated controllers and panels are all final Tier4/Stage IV ready and are up to the task.

Murphy’s PowerCore MPC-10 is a configurable, all-purpose controller perfect for rental and fleet applications.

This powerful controller is a general controller for mechanical or electronic engine applications needing manual/autostart and manual/auto throttling. 

It supports J1939 CAN protocol for electronically governed engines as well as I/O for mechanical engines for fault and safety shutdowns. 

MPC-10 boasts three levels of menu security, perfect for rental fleet protection, which can easily be set with the configuration tool. 

It is designed for all-weather environments and is also available as the ML 1000-4X panel solution. 

The menu structure is incredibly user-friendly, with the ability to change many parameters and settings from the face without the need of a PC tool if desired. 

The MPC-10 can also be remotely automated and monitored using the Murphy CONNECT telematics unit.

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