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MPC-20 Diesel Engine Panel

Murphy’s PowerCore MPC-20 is a powerful, all-purpose industrial controller designed to work in the harshest environments on most any engine-driven application.

Targeted for pump and irrigation applications, the MPC-20 is a powerful, fully-sealed IP67-rated all-purpose industrial controller built to withstand harsh environments. 

Tier 4 / Stage IV ready with auto and manual start, the MPC-20 includes various throttling options and a real-time clock. 

Easily viewable in full-sun conditions, MPC-20 has a large 3.8-inch easy-to-read, monochrome transflective LCD

It is engineered for incredibly easy initial setup and is configurable by the user to meet the most versatile applications, allowing for quick uptime and less headaches on the manufacturing floor or in the field. 

Although a configuration tool is not required, the easy-to-use PowerVision Configuration Studio software allows configuration of set points on a PC to save for future loading. 

The MPC-20 is also available in an ML2000 panel solution and can also be remotely automated and monitored using Murphy CONNECT telematics.

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