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HWG Hiydraulic powered welding machine

Dynaset hydraulic welding generator transforms the hydraulic power of a work machine into electricity – for welding or external devices.

Compact and Reliable with Top class properties

Hydraulic welder can replace a traditional welder in mobile use very easily. The power-to-size ratio of a hydraulic welder is unbeatable. It is trouble free, starts reliably and needs no extra fuel. Steady running and automatic overheating protection make the welder comfortable and safe in use, for a long time.Non-sticky electrodes and high striking voltage pulse make welding an easy task. The welding current is suitable for all electrode types. Every hydraulic model can use at least 4 mm electrode. Hydraulic welders come in IP protection class 34 (portable) and 23 (K-series)


Automatic speed control valve make possible to use the welder in any size of machinery. Welders come in several models (portable / fixed welding generators), there is a suitable model for even most demanding professional use. Welders also provide high quality electricity for external devices, output depending on a hydraulic welding generator model.

Portable Hydraulic Welder

The portable hydraulic welding generator is a small unit with plenty of power. Weighing only 18 kg, it is the lightest weight of its kind in the world!

The compact and light weighted portable welder is easy to even carry to the work site. Taking it into use is simple; you only need to connect to hoses with quick couplings.

Thanks to the automatic speed control valve, the welder runs in machines of different power level with no problem. Overload automatics makes the welder safe and reliable in use. The portable welder has steeples voltage selector. Its DC voltage is suitable for all electrode types. The portable welder can use electrodes up to 5 mm size.

The welder is also a generator, providing auxiliary electricity for electric tools such as drills, lights etc.

K-Series Fixed Installation Welders

Packed with power and impressive features, the K- series hydraulic welder is the ultimate professional’s accessory. Features include high electronically controlled striking voltage pulse, multi-range welding current selector, and non-sticking electrodes. The produced DC voltage is suitable for all electrode types. The welder also has an automatic speed control valve and voltage controller that reacts in less than one-tenth of a second. Moreover, the welder is also a hydraulic generator. It can be used for powering practically any equipment even requiring high, steady electric current.

The K-series welder can be installed on practically any carrier machine. Because of its simple connections, it can also be moved from one machine to another.

Portable hydraulic welder models

Fixed hydraulic welder models


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