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HG_Hydraulic Generators

DYNASET  hydraulic generator is transforming power from the hydraulic system into high quality electricity. The generator is started easily by the machine driver. Normal electricity is always on workplace where your machine is present. You don’t have to play with long cable lines or heavy engine generators with their ignition troubles. 

Dynaset hydraulic generator can work simultaneously with your machine. Automatic speed control valve will quarantine stabile electric frequency and voltage, so that it is easy to couple to a hydraulic system of a excavator, tractor, loader, lift, lorry, service van etc.   

Dynaset hydraulic generators are small in size and quiet to use. Electricity is high quality and suitable for hand power tools, electric welders, lightning, submerse pumps, concrete mixers, computers, cooling units etc. Dynaset variable hydraulic generators are designed for trucks, boats etc. to produce high power electricity from main engine. 

Voltage and frequency are stabil from engine running idle to full speed. Compact electric power supply for temperature controlled container transporting, boat electricity etc.  

Generator output is worldwide standard 1-phase or 3-phase electric power from 3.5 to 70 kVA , AC voltages 110, 220/380 V and frequences 50 or 60 Hz.   

DYNASET HG Hydraulic Generator Providing Electricity for a Worksite

DYNASET HG 6,5kVA on mimi excavator

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