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 Walkie Pallet Trucks
WT 3000 Model
 Walkie Pallet Trucks
WT 3000 Model
WT 3000 Model

WT 3000 Series

Powered Pallet Truck with Operator Platform

2000 and 2500 kg Capacity

One tough truck. One smooth ride.

When you face intense pallet truck conditions and high throughput demands, Crown has the answer. The WT 3000 Series has what it takes for both truck and operator to excel. Robust engineering. Best-in-class durability. Task efficiency. Comfort.

The WT 3000 offers the widest model variation available including four platform configurations, capacitites of up to 2.5 tons and electronic steering. The entire line is loaded with innovative features you can only get from Crown: FlexRide™ operator suspension, e-GEN™ braking system, Access 123® control system, Entry Bar Safety Switch and quick-exit side restraints.

Here's a truck you can take to the extreme and back, again and again.

WT 3000 Series / Features & Benefits

Electrical System

24 volt electrical system with nominal battery capacities from 240 Ah to 460 Ah. 

Maintenance free 3-phase (AC) traction motor provides strong performance and energy savings.

Crown’s Access 123® technology provides optimum performance and control through intelligent coordination of all truck systems. 

Access 123 includes on-board diagnostics enabling service engineers to actively view inputs and outputs during truck operation. No laptop or service terminal is required. The display provides a convenient interface for operators, keeping them informed of any changes impacting truck performance and allowing them to choose from three performance profiles when enabled.

Performance tuning can be accessed at the display to customise truck performance for specific applications or operator requirements. PIN codes can be assigned to individual operators and matched to one of the pre-programmed performance profiles if desired.


The rugged power unit features a reinforced 10 mm thick skirt to protect drive unit and castor components. A 12 mm skirt protects the battery and lift linkage. The contoured skirt provides greater ground clearance for working on ramps.  Removable steel covers all around ensure internal components are protected against impacts yet easily accessible for service.

Fork Assembly

One-piece high tensile steel forks are formed into a C-channel and reinforced in critical areas. An adjustable pull-rod lift linkage eliminates buckling forces and elevates the riser axle for protection.

Load wheels incorporate a debris guard to help prevent stretch wrap, plastic strapping and packing tape from building up around the axle.                  

Operator Platform

The folding FlexRide™ platform reduces shock transfer to the operator by more than 80 percent. Dock boards can be crossed without reducing speed. The lifetime platform suspension never requires adjustment and features solid state induction switches to avoid reliability issues caused by contaminants.

Heavy-duty side restraints feature 50mm heavy-wall steel tubing and rugged C-clamp mounting system. Soft polyurethane side pads are positioned for excellent support and comfort. The quick-exit feature (patent pending) allows the restraints to swing up for faster access to the load.

Fixed platform models feature a patented Entry Bar Safety Switch which stops the truck if the operator’s foot is outside the truck perimeter. Low step height and wide, rounded access make it easy to step on and off the truck. The rear-entry platform incorporates large side cushions for soft support in side-stance position. A contoured lean pad on the side entry platform provides a soft contact surface to lean against.

Patented weight-adjustable FlexRide – optional on the rear entry model - provides the ultimate rider comfort by tuning the suspension for the operator’s body weight.


The X10® control handle, designed for simultaneous operation of all functions with one hand, improves side-stance operation for maximum visibility in both driving directions. An ergonomic forward / reverse thumb wheel allows for precise manoeuvring. The hand grips are urethane covered for insulation from cold and vibration with integrated horn buttons for easy activation. A rabbit / turtle switch incorporates two levels of programmable travel performance so operators can select the setting that matches their experience level or application requirements.

In rider mode, the ergonomic position of tiller and platform provides maximum control and stability. When operating in pedestrian mode, the low tiller position provides best-in-class foot clearance and a brake override feature allows travel with the control handle in a nearly vertical position for manoeuvring in congested areas.

The availability of electronic steering improves manoeuvrability and responsiveness, even with heavy loads. An intelligent tactile feedback feature analyses operational conditions and adjusts steering force for greater driver confidence. Combined with Active Traction and speed control on curves, electronic steering safely delivers top driving performance.

Power Unit Suspension

The drive unit suspension utilises hard-plated chrome rods and sealed slide bushings for long life without adjustment. The suspension provides 60 mm of travel with constant drive tyre pressure for excellent performance on ramps. Combined with spring-loaded castors, the system reduced shocks to the chassis, mounted components and the operator.

Active Traction, standard on trucks with electronic steering, uses hydraulic pressure to increase traction and reduce impacts on castor wheels. Reduced slipping and improved braking are especially helpful on steep or wet ramps.


Crown’s e-GEN™ braking system uses the power of the high-torque AC traction motor to stop the truck and keep it static until a travel input is requested, even when operating on an incline.

This system eliminates adjustments and wear points for a lifetime of maintenance free use.

An automatic parking brake activates if the truck is stopped, the operator leaves the platform or power is disconnected.      


WT 3000 Series / Work Assist™ Accessories

A range of Work Assist accessories are available for the WT 3000 powered pallet trucks to enhance productivity for specific application needs. These rugged tools can be easily combined and positioned in the location best suited to the application and the user. Customer accessories can also be added using the universal clamp and adapter plate.

The universal mounting system makes it easy to attach and combine items such as:

Scan gun holder

Trash bag holder

WMS terminal mounting system (Mounting for data monitors)

Beverage holder


For more information on Work Assist accessories available for this product, please contact your Crown Distributor or download the product spec sheet for a listing in the technical information section.


WT 3000 Series / Options  

A range of options are available for the WT 3000 Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown powered pallet trucks to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


• Load backrest

• Electronic steering

• Battery roll-out system

• Weight-adjustable FlexRide™ suspension

• InfoLink® Fleet Management System

For more information on the options and accessories available for this product, please contact your Crown Distributor or download the product spec sheet for a listing in the technical information section.


WT 3000 Series / Spec. Sheet  

Please click the link below to download the spec sheet for this product.


       WT3000 - SPEC. SHEET