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Wav 50 Series
Wav 50 Series
Wav 50 Series

WAV 50 Series

WAV 50 Series        

90 kg Load Tray Capacity

115 kg Load Deck Capacity

WAV 50-84

2135 mm Platform Height

WAV 50-118

2995 mm Platform Height

Multi-Purpose at Multi-Levels

The Wave Work Assist Vehicle is a revolutionary concept designed by Crown to help you work faster, safer and wiser. The Wave works efficiently and quietly in almost any indoor application; elevates a person and a load up to reach heights of five meters; travels nearly twice as fast as the average walking speed; navigates easily in the tightest spaces; and turns within its own length. The Wave vehicle replaces the need for rolling ladders typically used in warehouse and maintenance applications.


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WAV 50 Series / Features & Benefits


A 24-volt electrical system with built-in charger and integrated battery discharge indicator.

Maintenance free batteries are standard.


Travel control with twist grip is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit a variety of positions, minimizing hand and wrist fatigue.

Raise and lower controls are positioned to allow simultaneous operation while traveling.

The rabbit / turtle switch allows the operator to quickly set speed and performance profiles to suit conditions.

The key switch prevents unauthorized use.


Left-hand steering provides full-time power steering and full-function control.

Speed-sensitive steering matches the turning radius to vehicle speed.

A zero turning radius allows the Wave to turn within its own length.


Chassis configuration designed to provide maximum capacity at elevated heights.

At 750 mm wide and 1525 mm long, the Wave can pass through doorways, narrow aisles and turn in its own length. It's light enough for most elevators and mezzanines. An equivalent ladder is twice as long and 3 times as tall as a Wave.


Safely enclosed with the compartment, the operator intuitively blends the functions of travel, lift and steer while concentrating on the next picking task.

Improved workplace safety eliminates overtime or replacement labor to compensate for worker injury.

Safer product handling and lift assistance reduce risk of products being dropped and damaged.

Operator Safety & Comfort

Hand sensors ensure the operator has both hands on the controls before the Wave will operate.

A suspended floorboard includes foot sensors to ensure stable operator positioning. A low step height and no-trip entry ensures easy, safe access.

Gates must be closed to travel or raise when the platform is above 510 mm.


Operating costs are kept to a minimum due to the Wave's efficient, intelligent design featuring on-board diagnostics, all-steel mast, maintenance free batteries and sealed drive units.

Service and parts manual recognized in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.                     


WAV 50 Series / Spec  Sheet  

Please click the link below to download the spec sheet for this product.

     WAV 50 - SPEC. SHEET