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The Trilo SU 40 K is a versatile compact machine to clean hard to get areas. Like cemeteries, estates, stud farms, parks etc.


•Strong and rigid design
•Powerful vacuum power
•Easy to unload
•Easy to use and maintain
•Reliable Trilo quality
•Multipurpose use


The Trilo SU 40 K vacuum unit makes light work of collecting leaves, litter, horse droppings and grass-clippings. The material is picked up using the 3.5 meter wander hose, it passes through the four bladed armoured fan and is shredded before being blown into the trailer. This reduces the volume of material being collected. The fan is V-belt driven so the drive isn’t straight on to the crank, thus reducing possible damage.

The driveline is straight forward and easy to maintain. The advanced design of fan creates means it creates less noise and low resistance and is statically and dynamically balanced to ensure smooth operation and long life.

The SU 40 K is powered by the reliable 11 hp Honda engine and all of this combined means superior suction power. The SU 40 vacuum units are built to the highest standards with the frame which is formed and welded with bracing in high stress areas.

The big jockey wheel and wide tyres make the SU 40 K easy to manoeuvre when connecting. The machine will be delivered as standard with side panels that are removable so you can simply have a standard tipping trailer to use for other purposes as well, this to make the unit more versatile, efficient and affordable.


Technical Specifications

Centrifugal pump: Trilo ø400 mm / 4 blades

Drive: 11HP Honda engine

Start-up: Starting cord

Length: 3,60 m

Width: 1,25 m

Height: 1,60 m

Suction hose: 4 m x ø200 mm

Container: 2 m3 (1000 kg)