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 Very Narrow Aisle Turret Trucks
TSP 6000 Series-Turret Truck
 Very Narrow Aisle Turret Trucks
TSP 6000 Series-Turret Truck
TSP 6000 Series-Turret Truck

Turret Stockpicker

3000 lb. Capacity
38’ Maximum Lift Height

Engineered for Stability, Performance and Maximum Operator Comfort

The TSP 6000 Series delivers industry leading flexibility and productivity. The TSP 6000 Series offers the versatility to handle a wide range of warehousing challenges from full pallet put-away and picking to transporting and staging. Operating in an aisle only inches wider than the truck, the TSP 6000 Series can lift to 459" and has a maximum capacity of 3000 Lb.

TSP 6000/ Features & Benefits


Heavy-duty 48 volt electrical system. Top battery access for ease of maintenance without battery removal.                 

Drive Unit/Drive Motor

Massive AC traction motor provides powerful acceleration, fast travel speeds and the ability to creep the truck a few millimeters for precise pallet placement. The drive unit uses spiral bevel and helical gears from motor to drive axle. The drive motor does not rotate, minimizing wear on electrical cables.


Exclusive MoveControl™ Seat rotates through 110° allowing the operator to choose the optimum position for each task.

Multi-task controls are located on cushioned, adjustable armrests which move with the seat for consistent operator orientation.

Tasks that benefit from standing are efficiently accomplished with a seat that folds up and controls that adjust to the ideal operator height.

The only turret order picker where the operator can leave the cabin for order-picking tasks on ground level while the truck is inside an aisle.

Operator Controls

Innovative multi-task controls allow blending of five primary functions (travel, main mast raise/lower, auxiliary mast raise/lower, traverse and pivot) for greater productivity.

Full electronic steering provides smooth and easy control. The innovative steering tiller can be operated as a finger divot or with a flip-up tiller knob. 180° steer tire rotation provides exceptional maneuverability, enabling the TSP 6000 to turn in an intersecting aisle as small as four meters.


The chassis incorporates heavy steel plates and counterweights for strength and an added measure of stability. A tall 16 mm thick skirt protects against impacts and a removable door provides fast drive tire service.  Vertical steel plates and reinforced steel covers all around the power unit protect internal components from damage.

Load Path Stability (LPS) design evenly distributes the force of the load to the ground, resulting in unmatched stability and comfort at heights.


Exclusive closed-section mast minimizes deflection for the entire length of the mast. Construction features a boxed-in design with heavy gauge steel I-beams tied together with massive cross members. This proven Crown design does not require add-on tie bars or stabilizers common to competitive trucks.

The TSP 6000 is available in three different closed-section masts: the TN mast with limited free lift; the TF mast which allows full free lift; and the triple stage mast (TT) which reduces the overall collapsed height of the truck by up to 25%.                


The patented Intelligent Braking System (IBS) provides smooth, precise braking at all heights by monitoring platform height, travel speed and truck weight and then applying the optimum combination of motor and friction braking.                     


Crown has developed a unique solution to the tunnel vision associated with ladder-style masts. Its innovative central mast structure provides a clear view of approaching pick locations when traveling in the power unit direction.

At the press of a button the operator can reposition the seat for optimum visibility in any direction.


The Access 1 2 3® system continually analyses operational data, including guidance mode, height of the operator platform and forks, travel direction, load weight and load position, to determine top speeds and maximum acceleration. Programmable performance capabilities provide situational performance so operators can function at optimal levels whenever and wherever necessary.  

Operator Safety & Comfort

The operator compartment is designed to protect the operator, boost confidence and improve productivity.

The walk-through design of the cushioned floorboard provides stable footing while reducing fatigue.

Sturdy steel side gates fit flush to the front rail providing a secure working platform for picking. There are no controls, accessories or WMS terminals between the operator and the rack or pallet.

System integrated pedals and hand sensors ensure proper operator positioning for safe operation.

Seat and control heights are adjustable to match the task at hand and personal preference, adding up to more comfort, more productivity and safer operation.


Servicing the TSP 6000 Series is simplified as a result of Crown's modular Access 1 2 3 technology which provides an efficient interface for system diagnostics, calibration and programmable functions.

Components are positioned for direct access without removing other components and the uncluttered design provides ample room to work. The hydraulic system is isolated from the electrical system so oil and other contaminants will not affect operation. Color-coded wiring and the exclusive InfoPoint™ system reduces downtime by providing clear direction for the service technician.

Service and parts manuals recognized in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.

     TSP 6000 - FEATURES


TSP 6000/ Options & Accessories

A number of options and Work Assist™ accessories are available for the TSP 6000 Series. All are carefully integrated into Crown very narrow aisle turret trucks to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


Wire or rail guidance

Work Assist™ Accessories

Mounting plate for WMS terminal

Additional set of worklights

Clip pad and hook

End of aisle control

Zone select key switch

Travel alarm

Strobe light under platform

For more information on the options and accessories available for this product, please contact your Crown Distributor or download the product spec sheet for a listing in the technical information section.


TSP 6000/ Spec. Sheet 

Please click the link below to download the spec sheet for this product.

     TSP 6000 - SPEC. SHEET