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RON 2150_S Shackle Type

Ron 2150-Shackle Type

Ron 2150 Wired Dynamometer with 2"/50mm Attachable Display

Exceedingly small and lightweight, the Ron 2150 is a high accuracy (0.1% of full scale) portable wired dynamometer that is perfect for low headroom applications.

Offset shackle hole design increases accuracy and safety.

Load cell and indicator units are separate for increased safety and longevity.

Up to 2000 hours of battery life.

Fatigue rated load cells produced from aerospace steel for safety and long working life.

Internal dampening mounts for protecting electronics from external shock.

Additional options for data logging, additional displays, serial data output and more.

40 years of measuring excellence.

RON 2150_S dynamometer also offers two systems in one: the removable display enables the user either to hold the large indicator in his hand or snap it very easily onto the loadcell. By this means, the user's personal safety is ensured as under no circumstances will he have to approach the load in order to read the result: he will either hold the remote indicator in his hand or read the large display from a safe distance.

The separation of loadcell and display of the dynamometer also increases the system's durability.

The unique loadcell's perpendicular hole structure neutralizes external moments and thus improves safety and accuracy.

RON Dynamometer and crane scale series are used for weighing during lifting, overload prevention and force, load and tension measurement. RON 2150 dynamometer is especially suitable for off-shore applications thanks to its underwater load cell option. The underwater load cell option enables the load cell to be submerged in water occasionally without causing harm.

RON 2150_S Shackle Type dynamometer is supplied in a specially fitted compact carrying case.

All systems are fully tested and supplied with a test certificate, including a fully traceable calibration chart.

RON Crane Scales range of products includes crane scale, dynamometer, load cell and overload detector series.

RON Crane Scales excel in high quality, are based on the latest technologies and comply with the strictest safety standards.

RON Crane Scales of dynamometer and crane scales series offer a wide variety of models, features and advanced options, some of which are unique to RON Crane Scales. For example: The internal thermometer for the wireless crane scale and dynamometer models which is very important when using a crane scale or dynamometer in hot environments such as foundries. Thanks to the internal thermometer the user will know exactly when to take the crane scale or dynamometer away from the hot area and allow it to cool down.

RON Crane Scales models which include dynamometer, crane scale, load cell and overload detector series offer compact dimensions for both portability and minimum headroom loss, while maintaining a high safety factor. Thanks to this feature the RON dynamometer is especially suitable for indoor applications.

RON Crane Scales products have been designed to ensure the user's safety by having a standard remote display for each crane scale and dynamometer, or removable displays for some crane scale and dynamometer models or large integral displays that can be seen from almost any direction. These features enable the dynamometer and crane scale user to read the measurements from a safe distance.

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