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RON 2125_H Hook Type Dynamometer

RON 2125_H Hook Type Dynamometer

RON 2125_H Hook Type digital scale is a unique crane scale with large removable display. The removable displays enable the users either to hold the large indicator in their hand or snap it very easily onto the load cells. By this means, the user’s personal safety is ensured as under no circumstances will he have to approach the load in order to read the result: he will either hold the remote indicator in his hand or read the large display from a safe distance. RON 2125_H Hook Type digital scale combines the safety and comfort of having a remote display with the ease of use that a hook allows.

The separation of load cells and displays also increases the systems durability. The small load cells of the load indicators ensure portability and low headroom loss for any application.

Crane scales, load cells, load indicators and dynamometers are used for weighing during lifting, as well as force, load and tension measuring.

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