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METALINE 700 Series
METALINE 700 Series
METALINE 700 Series

MetaLine Series 700 - Elastomeric-Armouring

User-applicable, permanently elastic polyurethane coating that is applied solvent-free by spraying or moulding using a novel cartridge processing system. The rubber-like characteristics provides exceptional resistance against aggressive dynamic impact by wear & tear, abrasion or impingement.

The major application areas are:

- Wear protection
- Erosion / corrosion / cavitations protection
- Protection against scratches and marks / 
- Impact absorption
- Efficiency improvement
- Adhesive effect / anti-adhesive effect
- Noise deadening

Huge pump impeller successfully protected against erosion, cavitation and corrosion

After having carried out intensive inspections and material testing, the Austrian global market leader for turbine technologies has specified our elastomer cartridge spray system MetaLine 785 as the relevant execution standard as protective coating for a series of huge pump casings and impellers. In independent laboratory tests, for example, an up to 50 times higher erosion resistance of MetaLine 785 compared with epoxy-ceramic brush and spatula coatings could be established Further reasons for this decision were the facts that our problem solution does not contain any solvents and presents a favorable cost structure

It does not matter if your impellers have a diameter of 10 cm or 100 cm – please contact us! We will competently help you with our more than 50 years of experience.

MetaLine's Series 700 innovative and easy-to-use form of application ensures professional coating results. It represents enormous savings in cost, time and handling - not only for service providers but particularly for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). A seamless sprayed on problem solution with outstanding features:

*  Wear resistans
* Cavitations resistant
* Impact absorbing
* Pharmacy grade (according to
   International FDA standards)
* Soft-touch-characteristics
* Noise deadening and decorative
* Anti-adhesive
* Recoatable and repairable

The material is applied without thermal pre- or post-treatment of the coated part. By use of special primers, shear bond strength values of up to 18 N/mm² are achievable on almost all metallic and non-metallic surfaces, as well as on rubber. 

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