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Low-Level Order Picker-GPC 3020 Model

GPC 3020 Model

Low-Level Order Picker

2000 kg Capacity

2000kg Kapasite

Engineered for Reliable Performance

The GPC 3020 Model is an entry-level order picker featuring a robust, reliable design that can stand up to the harsh and often abusive environment of order fulfillment. This economical low-level order picker offers the lowest cost of ownership - from initial investment to energy efficiency. Further benefits come from proprietary technology focused on reducing the cost of maintenance.

GPC 3020 Model / Features & Benefits


24-volt electrical system.

Crown's Access 1 2 3™ Comprehensive System Control and efficient AC motors provide higher performance with lower energy consumption.


Operator Controls

All truck functions are controlled by the award winning X10® handle that allows simultaneous operation of all functions with one hand. A large information display provides battery discharge level, operational status and service messages to the operator.

Driving Performance

The powerful AC motor provides strong acceleration and control at any speed. Sensors monitor functional parameters including load weight and steering angle and adjust operational settings automatically to suit conditions.     


Electronic steering is standard, providing precise and responsive control.

Intelligent steering system slows the travel speed in curves.

Drive Unit

Quiet, integrated drive unit with 3-phase (AC) traction and steer motors provides high torque, fast acceleration, energy efficiency and low maintenance.   


Crown's unique e-GEN™ Braking System uses the power of the high-torque AC motor to stop the truck and keep it static until a travel input is requested, even when operating on an incline. This system eliminates adjustments and other wear points for a lifetime of maintenance-free use.

Power Unit

The rugged power unit is designed for tough real-world applications. A 10 mm skirt protects drive unit and caster components while reinforced steel covers and doors enclose all electronics.   

Fork Assembly

Reinforced, closed-tip forks and massive, adjustable lift linkage are engineered for continuous of use under maximum loading conditions.       

Operator Safety & Comfort

The operator platform features a low step height, a fully suspended floorboard, wide walk-through compartment and contoured lean pad. Front and rear storage areas provide locations for tools and personal effects.


Access 1 2 3™ includes a full featured on-board diagnostic tool so service engineers can actively view inputs and outputs during truck operation. No laptop or service terminal is required.

The uncluttered layout of components provides quick and easy access for servicing.

Service and parts manual recognised in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.

GPC 3020 Model / Work Assist™ Accessories

A wide selection of Work Assist accessories adds to the exceptional performance and productivity advantages of the GPC 3020 low-level order picker. Work Assist accessories can be application-tailored to enhance convenience, comfort, safety and productivity.

The universal mounting system makes it easy to attach and combine items such as:

Storage pockets

Clip pads in different sizes

Trash bag holder

Beverage holder

Load trays

Stretch foil holder

Scan gun holder

Mounting for data monitors

For more information on Work Assist accessories available for this product, please contact your Crown Distributor or download the product spec sheet for a listing in the technical information section.

GPC 3020 Model / Options

A range of options are available for the GPC 3020 Model. All are carefully integrated into Crown low-level order pickers to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


Front bumper

Picking guard

Clean power supply for electronic tools

Additional rear storage pockets

Pallet entry rollers

For more information on the options and accessories available for this product, please contact your Crown