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High-Level Order Picker With Lifting Forks-SP 3522 Model

SP 3522 Model

High-Level Order Picker With Lifting Forks

1000 kg Capacity

More Performance All Around

The SP 3522 order picker meets the demands of increased picking frequencies by combining the performance benefits of faster lift and travel speeds with the ergonomic advantages of lifting forks. It offers maximum picking throughput in applications with operator reach heights up to 10.8 metres.

SP 3522 Model / Features & Benefits


A 24-volt electrical system.             

Drive Unit/Drive Motor

The latest generation of Crown's  AC drive motor provides powerful acceleration and fast travel speeds. The drive unit uses spiral bevel and helical gears from motor to drive axle. The drive motor does not rotate, minimizing wear on electrical cables.

Crown's Access 1 2 3™ Comprehensive System Control monitors all on-board sensors, makes decisions based on the sensor readings, and subsequently controls all truck movements. Five modules are in constant communication via CANbus so that information is accessible to the system at all times. Moreover, Access 1 2 3 enables adjustment of truck performance specifications - such as travel speed, plugging, acceleration, coasting and lowering speed.

Fork Assembly

Hook-on ISO type forged forks with Fork Tip Indicators are mounted to a low-profile fork carriage allowing unobstructed operator reach to the pallet.            

Operator Controls

Operator controls are designed to ensure four-points of solid contact for the operator, providing a safe and secure environment at heights. Controls are positioned to minimize hand and wrist fatigue.

Optional load-facing operator controls allow for full truck operation.

An information display provides key status data such as selectable traction perfomance profile, steer wheel position, event and service codes, battery discharge indication and wire guidance status.

Right-hand controls include travel, raise & lower, horn and accessories.

Left-hand steering wheel controls the full-time electronic power steering for smooth and precise operation with little effort.


Crown's Load Path Stability (LPS) design evenly distributes the weight of the load to the ground, resulting in unmatched stability and comfort at heights.

The chassis incorporates massive bracing, heavy-gauge steel and replaceable bolt-on skid bars. The skirt, doors and battery cover are fabricated from heavy-gauge steel.


Crown's patented Intelligent Braking System (IBS) provides smooth, precise braking at all heights by monitoring platform height, travel speed and direction and then applying the optimum combination of motor and friction braking.               


Crown's mast design delivers rock-solid stability and cushioned staging for superior operator confidence at height. Heavy outer C-channels and inner I-beams, tied by massive cross members and vertical mast braces minimize lateral sway and improve front-to-back stability.

Auxiliary mast, integrated into the platform structure, provides 760 mm of fork travel.


The operator platform features a large window for excellent visibility. Even at lower elevations, the clear view mast provides an unobstructed sightline for a clear view of pick locations and intersecting aisles.                  


Fast acceleration and a top speed of 12 km/h allow operators to quickly move from one pick location to another. Linear speed control gives operators a smooth speed transition as lift heights change.

Operator Safety & Comfort

The large operator platform with full-width overhead guard and safety-interlocked gates provides a safe and secure workstation.

The heavy chassis and reinforced mast minimizes mast sway for a confident feeling when operating at heights.

Crown’s premium anti-fatigue floor mat reduces the effects of vibration and standing fatigue.

Lifting forks greatly reduce the need for reaching and bending when placing cases on the pallet.


The Access 1 2 3™ Comprehensive System Control can be accessed via the display providing real-time troubleshooting capabilities. There is no need to connect to a laptop or handset to check the truck's status, fault history or to calibrate systems.

Crown's InfoPoint™ system simplifies troubleshooting and servicing, reducing the need for schematics, wiring diagrams or service manuals.

Service and parts manuals recognized in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.



SP 3522 Model / Options & Accessories

A number of options and Work Assist™ accessories are available for the SP 3522 Model. All are carefully integrated into Crown high-level order pickers to improve performance and satisfy your specific application needs.


• Load-facing operator controls

• Platform extensions

• Aisle guide rollers

• Crown's wire guidance system

• Fan/light package

• Hand adjustable spotlights

• Freezer conditioning

Work Assist™ Accessories

• Accessory plate

• Accessory pocket

• Clip pad & hook

For more information on the options and accessories available for this product, please contact your Crown Distributor or download the product spec sheet for a listing in the technical information section.

SP 3522 Model / Spec  Sheet  

Please click the link below to download the spec sheet for this product.

     SP 3522 - SPEC. SHEET