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Hand Pallet Truck-PTH 50 Series

Hand Pallet Truck

5000 lb. Capacity

Reliability, strong construction, smooth handling and exceptional maneuverability are hallmarks of the PTH 50 Series.

Every feature of the PTH 50 Series, from its lifting capacity (5000 lb. capacity) to its efficient operation and high level of serviceability, is designed and built by Crown to withstand the stresses of your work environment.

PTH 50 Series / Features & Benefits  

Fork Assembly

A deep, low-profile frame cross brace between the forks and steel lift link arms adds durability.

A 75mm lowered fork height improves pallet entry. A dual entry-exit system that combines rollers and ramps assists with pallet entry and exit.            

 Control Handle

An ergonomic handle package featuring optimal handle thickness and angled shape delivers fatigue-free operation.

Three-position lever with raise, lower and neutral positions. The neutral position allows for free momement of the handle in horizontal travel without hydraulic resistance.           


Articulated steer wheels enhance durability and increase load handling and control, especially on uneven surfaces.              


A C-channel designed steel fork means maximum strength for long-term performance.

Single load wheels are for universal use, especially for Euro pallets.

Tandem load wheels are the right choice for uneven floors and entry through bottom deck of a pallet.


A high level of serviceability simplifies maintenance and prolongs equipment life.

Crown-made replacement pumps and other replacement parts are available through your local Crown Distributor.

Service and parts manual recognized in the industry as the most user friendly, enabling quick part reference and easy maintenance.                      

PTH 50 Series /Spec Sheet  

Please click the link below to download the spec sheet for this product.


     PTH 50 - SPEC. SHEET


PTH 50 Series / Options/Accessories

Crown offers a number of options and accessories for its products that can enhance operator productivity, safety and comfort.

Download the product spec. sheet (pdf) for a more complete listing of Options and Accessories in the technical information section.