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Greenbuster Pro III

Greenbuster Pro III is the clear choice if you need a solid machine for demanding tasks daily. The machine is built around a fully welded heavy chassis.
The entire construction is galvanized and can withstand weather and wind for many years.
The engine is a powerful engine from Briggs & Stratton.

The powerful transmissionline ensures that the operation is always smooth and reliable. The mission ends in a powerful industrial aluminum gearbox.

Weeds remover – Tile Cleaner – Removes Algae
Greenbuster Pro III can do it all in one and the same workflow. The powerful steel-brushes removes unwanted weeds between tiles on footpaths, driveways, sidewalks, parking spaces and the like. In the same process it removes unwanted moss between the tiles.
The machine’s construction makes it gentle to the surface.

Older tiles with entrenched algae
Surfaces with a massive algae-growth  cleans the Greenbuster Pro III easily.
If necessary, water the surface with a waterhose before starting work, this will avoid unnecessary dust development.

Optimized speed
The rotation on the brush-head are optimized to get the best results. At the same time, the speed ensures that stones, weeds and dust are not thrown far away.

The machine is equipped with four sets of three bundles of very powerful steel brushes, which effectively remove weeds and moos. The steel brushes are specially made at our own factory.

Smooth running rubberswheels
Greenbuster Pro III are fitted with large solidrubber wheelsand the machine can easily be pushed without resistance.

Avoid chemistry
Clean effectively tiles and stone surfaces without the need for chemicals, gas burners or high pressure cleaners.


Specifications Greenbuster Pro III

Professional and strong construction
Fully galvanized welded chassis
Industrial aluminium gear
Working width 66 cm
Large solid rubberwheels

Possibility to tilt the handlebar and thereby change the working angle of the brushes.
Engine Briggs & Stratton 750 / 163 CC

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