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DCL Exhoust Prufiers
 Other Convertor Products
Diesel Particulate Filters
DCL Exhoust Prufiers
 Other Convertor Products
Diesel Particulate Filters
Diesel Particulate Filters
Diesel Particulate Filters

DCL's diesel particulate filters (brand name: MINE-X Sootfilter®) effectively remove diesel particles and diesel fumes from diesel engine exhaust emissions.  DCL's diesel particulate filters are used to meet MSHA standards for particulate matter in underground mines, EPA or CARB mandated standards for particulate emissions in diesel vehicle retrofits, or simply to improve the air quality in a work site containing diesel engines.  See chart for emission control characteristics of DCL's diesel particulate filters.

The MINE-X Sootfilter® is the industry standard for reliable, long life operation.  For assistance with sizing and selection of the right diesel particulate filter for your needs, contact a DCL applications engineer.

  • Heavy gauge stainless steel housing
  • Replaces the OEM muffler in most vehicles and includes customized exhaust tube or pipe connections
  • Cordierite or silicone carbide wall flow filter media
  • Quick release clamps for removal of the filter center body
  • Back-pressure monitor with operator indicator light

DCL's diesel particulate filters work best in post-1994 model year on-road diesel engines, and Tier 1 and higher off-road engines, including construction and mining vehicles, stationary engines and on-road trucks and buses.

 Alternate product names: russpartikelfilter (German).