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The Sentry range provides reliable float charging for vented lead acid or NiCd cells.

Sentry chargers are based around an economical open-frame design but can be supplied with a wall-mounted enclosure complete with an ammeter. 

The range is available in standard Sentry, Sentry 7 or UL1236/CSA approved versions. 

The Sentry range provides automatic, current limited and thyristor controlled charging of vented lead acid or NiCd batteries.

The units may be used in a wide range of industrial charging applications, including standby engines, pumps and generators. 

The charger uses an open frame construction, designed for surface mounting in an enclosed panel. 

Each unit consists of a transformer, rectifier and control circuit. The control circuit ensures that the charger maintains a battery voltage at the precalibrated float level, whilst supplying any additional loads current up to the specified maximum.

Sentry is designed to give a constant current output while battery voltage is below a ‘knee point’ (approx. 13V on a 12V LA). 

Above the knee-point, as the battery approaches its float voltage, the charger output current ramps down. 

This multi-stage charge regime gives an optimum combination of fast charge rate, followed by float charge without overcharging.

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