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DVC 700 SERIES-Programmable system controller
DVC 700 SERIES-Programmable system controller

The DVC700 series is the most durable and reliable electro-hydraulic control solution in the hydraulic industry.

Widely used in the mining and construction industries, the DVC700 controllers are intelligently designed to be both configurable and programmable so as to maintain simplicity where needed without sacrificing the more complex feature capabilities. 

DVC710 and DVC707 are the master controllers and their flexible hardware and software allow them to run many hydraulic control applications as a single module. 

DVC710 & DVC707 and all DVC expansion modules are packaged in small rugged enclosures. All connectors are sealed and each module is encapsulated to withstand extreme conditions in harsh operating environments. 

The hardened enclosures allow you to locate the DVC modules near the sensors, valves, etc. they will control. This can greatly minimize the amount of cabling in your system and significantly lower your costs.

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