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Monitor key quality parameters

Register and monitor key quality parameters for total quality control of the paving process.

With the MatManager™ you can keep track of your workflow and material use throughout the paving job with real-time measurements to ensure you are on target and eliminate material overruns. 

Document how many kg you have put down per m2 paved and monitor load temperatures to prevent mat segregation.

Export all logged data for your client to validate that you have met road specifications.

How it works

The MatManager™ works as a datalogging device that continuously gathers data from a broad range of sensors mounted on the asphalt paver. 

All sensors are connected to an Interfacebox located centrally on the machine that processes the data and delivers it to the MatManager™ display that shows the realtime measurements to the operator during the job.

After completion all the logged data can be exported for documentation and data analysis.

  •  Monitor material use with realtime measurements
  •  Document material temperature and workflow
  •  Export all logged data via Mobile Data Transfer
  •  Fits all machine types
  •  Highly durable technology
  •  Simple to operate

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