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FW MURPHY Proses Takip Araçları
Seviye Koruyucu
Seviye Göstergeleri
- Temizleme Kulesi Seviye Sistemi
- MLS Seviye Svici
- LS200 / LS200N / LS200NDVOR / L1100
- L129 Seviye Göstergesi/ Svici
- L100 / L120 / L127 / L128 Şamandıralı Yağ Seviye Svici
- L150 / EL150K1 / EL150EX Seviye Svici
- L971 Düşük Seviye Svici
- DF755 / DF755EX / DF757
- OPLH Serisi Seviye Sviçleri/ Göstergeleri
Basınç Sensörleri ve Göstergeleri
Hız/Zaman Sensörleri ve Göstergeleri
Sıcaklık Sensör ve Göstergeleri
    DF755 / DF755EX / DF757

The DF series are diaphragm operated “hydrosta- tic head pressure” level switches. A pressure sensitive diaphragm operates a snap-switch that can be wired directly to electric pilot circuits to control pumps at predetermined levels. Typical application is to start and stop electric driven pump(s) to maintain tank levels. It is also applicable to engine driven pumps.

The nitrile sensing diaphragm is impervious to most liquids and is sensitive enough to control levels with 1/4 in. (6 mm) repeatability. See model descriptions for limits of switch trip point adjustability. Materials include aluminum body, nylon bottom plate and a special alloy leaf snap-switch as standard.
This simple level switch is highly reliable and can be worked into almost any new or existing system without major modification or special tools.

DF755 and DF757 are suitable for atmospheric tanks in a non-hazardous area. The SPDT snap-switch for the DF755 is preset for a 4 in. (102 mm) differential in liquid level. The DF757 trip point is adjustable over a 108 in. (2743 mm) differential.

DF755EX is the same as the DF755 except CSA listed for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D hazardous areas.


  • Water Flood Systems
  • Crude Oil Tanks
  • Salt Water Disposal Systems
  • Diesel Day Tanks
  • Sumps
  • Cooling Towers

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 DF755 / DF755EX / DF757