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FW MURPHY Ekranlar (J1939/CAN)
Ekranlar (CAN)
Ekranlar (J1939/CAN)-I/O & Aksesuarlar
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Ekranlar (J1939/CAN)- Marin

MeCAN™ is a compact, encapsulated interface module that translates resistive sender, fault switch and speed signals into SAE J1939 CANbus data. MeCAN allows quick and simple integration of ‘mechanical’, non-ECU engines into modern CANbus systems. Applications include the retrofit of older engine fleets with modern digital instruments, controls and telemetry, and the development of standard control panels for both ECU and non-ECU engines.

MeCAN has three sensor inputs and one output. Two inputs are for oil pressure and coolant temperature sensing, either by fault switches or resistive senders. The third input measures engine speed, using a magnetic pickup or charge alternator signal. Input signals are translated into SAE J1939 CANbus messages with appropriate PGN address, data scaling and transmission rate. The ‘shutdown’ output operates and latches if the pressure, temperature or speed inputs deviate outside preset fault limits.

A fourth input is connected to a speed calibration potentiometer during setup mode only. DIP switches allow selection of normal/setup mode and two speed input ranges. An LED gives indication of operating mode and CANbus activity.
MeCAN is compact and light enough for inclusion in engine wiring harnesses, but can also be surface mounted via four fixing holes. The case is fully sealed in epoxy resin for high impact and environmental resistance.

Two standard versions allow use with either fault switches or Murphy ES series resistive senders. Custom solutions are also available for non-standard, volume OEM requirements.
Integrates mechanical, non- ECU engines and sensors into J1939 instrument systems

  • Inputs for speed sensors, resistive senders & fault switches
  • Compact, epoxy-filled case

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