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FW MURPHY Ekranlar (J1939/CAN)
Ekranlar (CAN)
Ekranlar (J1939/CAN)-I/O & Aksesuarlar
- Power Distribution Module (PDM)
- CANdrive
- XM500
- SenderCAN
- FuelCAN
Ekranlar (J1939/CAN)- Marin

As part of the MurphyLink® family, the Murphy CANdrive offers a cost effective instrument solution for modern electronic engines. CANdrive acts as an interface between ECU CANbus/J1939 transmitted data and standard electric indicating gages. CANdrive and electric gages are an alternative solution to retrofitting of engine senders, magnetic pickups and associated wiring.

CANdrive has dedicated outputs for a tachometer, oil pressure, and coolant temperature electric gages. Configurable switches allow for selectivity between 12 or 24 VDC systems, and for all gage outputs to be selected as either Murphy, VDO, or Datcon.

CANdrive is packaged in a compact, surface mounted case with epoxy encapsulation for maximum durability and environmental sealing. Electrical connection is via a 12-way automotive-type connector.
For modern electronic engines and equipment applications using SAE J1939 Controller Area Network

  • Drives standard electric gages
  • User configurable compatibility with Murphy, VDO, or Datcon
    Engine fault LED option

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