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TECSIS Yük Sensörleri
Lama Tipi Yük Sensörleri
Baskı Tipi Mini Yük Sensörleri
Baskı Tipi Yük Sensörleri
- F1210 Baskı Tipi Load Cell 0,5~50kN
- F1213 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0,01~100kN
- F1214 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0~60 Ton
- F1211 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0~1000kN
- F1215 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 1~100 Ton
- F1280 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 25Kg~50 Ton
- F1301/F13C1 İnce Film Yük Hücresi
Çeki Tipi Yük Sensörleri
F1211     F1211 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0~1000kN

This sensor is especially suited to the measurement of high static and quasi-static compressive forces up to 1000 kN.

Its very robust and compact form make it suitable for use both in industrial environments and in the laboratory and testing bays. The sensor is in all respects ideal for the ranges of rated values 0...1 kN to 0...1000 kN. Optional it is available with the high accuracy of 0,1F.S.The sensor is protected against splash water and works with very great reliability under extreme conditions.


·         For compression force measurements

·         For high ranges up to 1000 kN

·         Accuracy 0,2% F.S.

·         Optional with higher accuracy of 0,1% F.S.

·         Optional constructed for Temperatures up to +250°C

·         Simple force introduction

·         Robust design

·         Simple installation

·         Protection class IP 67

Measuring ranges

1 ... 1000 kN



Plant engineering Production lines Measuring and inspection equipment Special equipment and machinery construction Cable force measurements


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 F1211 Compression Load Cell