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TECSIS Yük Sensörleri
Lama Tipi Yük Sensörleri
Baskı Tipi Mini Yük Sensörleri
Baskı Tipi Yük Sensörleri
- F1210 Baskı Tipi Load Cell 0,5~50kN
- F1213 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0,01~100kN
- F1214 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0~60 Ton
- F1211 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0~1000kN
- F1215 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 1~100 Ton
- F1280 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 25Kg~50 Ton
- F1301/F13C1 İnce Film Yük Hücresi
Çeki Tipi Yük Sensörleri
F1215     F1215 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 1~100 Ton

This force transducer is designed to measure static compression forces. It is made of stainless steel and has a very low installation height.

Because of compact and rugged design this transducer is used in small and mid-size platform scales, silo scales and in process engineering.

The measuring range of the force transducer is 1t up to 100t


·         For compression forces

·         Ease of force introduction

·         Rugged design

·         Ease of installation

·         Protectiontype IP68 (hermetically sealed)

·         Accuracy 0,1% of Full Scale

·         Installation kit available

Measuring Range

1t up to 100t


·         Apparatus engineering

·         Assembly lines

·         Measuring and Monitoring facilities

·         Special equipment construction

·         Weighing


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 F1215 Compression Load Cell