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TECSIS Yük Sensörleri
Lama Tipi Yük Sensörleri
Baskı Tipi Mini Yük Sensörleri
Baskı Tipi Yük Sensörleri
- F1210 Baskı Tipi Load Cell 0,5~50kN
- F1213 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0,01~100kN
- F1214 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0~60 Ton
- F1211 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0~1000kN
- F1215 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 1~100 Ton
- F1280 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 25Kg~50 Ton
- F1301/F13C1 İnce Film Yük Hücresi
Çeki Tipi Yük Sensörleri
F1214     F1214 Baskı Tipi Yük Hücresi 0~60 Ton

This force transducer is suitable for measurement of static compression forces. With its compact and robust design, it is particularly suitable for industrial service. This force transducer is designed for measuring ranges from 0 … 1 t to 0 … 60 t. The force transducer is splash waterproof and works with very great reliability even under difficult operating conditions. The design as rocker pin with the spherical load input areas on both sides is the special feature of this load cell. The force application is self centering because of this.


·         For compression force measurements

·         Self centering rocker pin with both-sided ball-shaped scraper

·         Simple force introduction

·         Compact small dimensions

·         Accuracy 0.2% of full scale value

·         Low installation height

·         Protection class IP 67

Measuring range

1 t ... 60 t


This force transducer meets the requirements of industrial applications with the need to measure static forces. One of those is for example the industrial weighing technology. Reliable measurements of weights up to 60 t can be carried out.

It is easy to install the force transducer.


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 F1214 Compression Load Cell